Need to update the time, date or location of your meetings? Want to share information about the equipment you have available for use by other groups? Follow these simple steps to amend your directory pages:

  1. Log In to your WordPress account
  2. Click on My Site (top left)
  3. MySiteMenu
  4. Click on Site Pages
  5. You’ll see a list of all of the pages in the site
  6. Find your group directory page and click on it
  7. You’ll see a page editor – which is a little bit like Microsoft Word or Pages
  8. There are headings for each of the group sections, and each section should contain the day, time and location of your meeting
  9. Update the information as required
  10. Inserting maps is a little tricky. Check with the District Team if you need to change the map
  11. Do you regularly run events for fund-raising or social events? Add these to the Events section
  12. If you have equipment (ropes, tents, material for badge work) that you’re able to share with other groups, add this to the Equipment section
  13. Click on the big blue Publish… (top right) button when you’re done
  14. Click the View Site button (top left) and then navigate to the Directory pages to see your changes